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Best Ping Pong Robot Reviews Of 2020

To make your practice best with the Ping-Pong, you need to play for long hours. More you will play, more you will be able to get the best skill in your hand. In order to play the best game, it is necessary to have the best accessories with you. Ping-Pong robot is one of the helpful gadgets you can have for practice. In order to make your practice sessions worthy, you need to have the best ping pong robot. It will make your practice perfect and lets you practice alone without distraction.​

Factors to Consider When Buying Ping Pong Robot

Before buying the best Ping Pong Robot, it is necessary to consider some important factors. There are certain features you need to look into the options you have in the market. Here we are explaining some of the factors that can help you to be good with the overall selection. Make sure to consider the following factors when buying a Ping Pong Robot:

–  Purpose of purchase

Before anything else in the record, you need to focus on the purpose of purchase. If you are picking up a robot to play because you do not have any other partner, then you can pick up an average performer. In the case of professional training, you need to pick up a professional and advanced option that can help you to be good with the overall practice. Moreover, the location and the placement of the robot matter in its purchase as well.

Best Ping Pong Robot

–    Size and dimension

The size and dimensions are important in the purchase of the robot. If you are looking for a robot that is portable, then its size needs to be small, and dimensions should be movement-friendly. On the other hand, for a practicing studio, the robot can be of large size or complicated dimensions.

–    Built quality 

Quality of the Best Ping Pong Robot matters to its performance. Unless you did not pick up a good quality robot, you would not be able to enjoy the ultimate features. The best machine with the ultimate quality helps you to be better with the overall practice and long-term use of the product in your routine. The quality is not just about the material and make but also about the software and its durability for long.

–    Playing modes 

Another important thing is the playing modes of the robot. In Ping-Pong, you have to practice the skills of spin and other drill training as well. Make sure that you will pick up a robot that comes in a range from basic to professional. It will help you to access the right skills in the end.

–    Power options

The best Ping-Pong robot is available in two different power options. AC and battery-run. In both cases, the working efficiency remains the same while you can have a difference in utility. With an AC power supply, you need to place the robot at a place with a power outlet around. While in the battery power, you can place the robot anywhere and make it work on battery anywhere. Other all the AC powered robots seem to be more powerful.

–    Available presets 

For practice all, the robots are encoded with some specific presets or automatic settings. By using these presets or settings, you will be able to have the best practice sessions. In such a scenario, all you need to go through the presets in a robot. It will help you to find out the variations and limitations you can have with a robot. For an ideal practice, it is necessary to pick up the robot with maximum presets and features.

–    Spin variation 

The major purpose of the Ping-Pong robot is to get the best help with practicing all the Ping-Pong techniques. You need to pick up the robot that is compatible with all the spin variations and techniques. You are definitely familiar with all the options of spins in the game, and to practice the best, you need a robot with the same news feed. Make sure to check out the spin variation and their count in the robot. It will help you to practice everything on board and without a loop in practice.

–    Ball auto fill

Filling up the balls in the Ping Pong Robot seems to be a hectic job. It is not easy to have the balls stocked up every time manually. In case, if you have to insert the ball every time, then you will not be able to have the best practice. In order to keep the practice going good, you need to have the robot with the smart feature of the auto-refill. In this case, you need to add the balls to the robot’s pit, and it will collect up the balls into the serving funnel as per its function. It is one of the major and helpful features you should look into the Ping-Pong robot while purchasing.

–    Easy positioning 

With the Ping-Pong robots, it is necessary to have easy positioning features. When you have the robot with a tilting head and placing is to get the ball bounce on the server end first, then you can make its best use. It will help you to have a better practice and overall session. Moreover, it lets you have multiple adjustments and settings to increase your overall learning from the practice sessions. The easy positioning helps you to modify the situation and robot position as per your own convenience, and you can make a better deal out of it.

Best Ping Pong Robot Review


Best Overall – ZXMOTO Table Tennis Robot

It is an advanced level, high quality, and quick performing Best Ping-Pong robot. The latest quality and overall sharpness make it an ultimate package for your domestic and professional training. It apparently looks small but gives the best shot every time when onboard.

–    Product Highlights 

The robot comes with a weight of 19.6lbs that is an ideal weight according to the table. The package includes a set of ball net, application software, and other adjustable tools as well. There can be 300 balls in the container at one time of 40mm. The motor is of 100 to 240V that produces the 50W power. In the package, you will get the robot, control box, power supply cable, and ball ruler, serving wheel, and user manual other than the ball net.

The robot comes with an adjustable rotating head so you can adjust the angle as per your desire and have the practice. additionally, it has nine different spin frequencies so you can pick up any one of your choices. Using the ball frequency option, you can adjust the balls coming from left to right or slow to fast as well. moreover, there is an easy installation procedure with the catch net, so balls will not be a mess.

–     The Good/What I like

The size of the machine seems too less for its power and features. It is the best Ping-Pong robot that is adjustable with the table; bring so many things in package and features as well. using the rotating head, you can have the right angle of the ball throw. Moreover, other frequencies and spin settings play another part for good.

–     The Bad/What I do not like

Fixing up the overall thing can be a little tricky, and the person who is taking it for the first time needs to read the manual first. there should be at least 20 balls in the container to get started with the robot and is quite a restriction.

–   Pros 

  • Powerful and efficient
  • Cost-efficient
  • Multiple frequencies and mods
  • Rotating head
  • Good stock area for balls
  • Brings a net in package

–    Cons

  • Can be tricky for beginners if used without manual

Best Budget – iPong V300 Table Tennis Training Robot

Here is the best budget option that helps you to get some quality practice in a smart manner. It is the improved version so you can have a number of improvements in there. The precision and accuracy are far better now that is giving it a better status in the series.

–    Product Highlights 

It is the advanced version with a number of improved features that make it a better product. You can witness a number of improvements such as the motor and wheel, stronger ball launch, increased spin, improved accuracy, longer-term performance, lesser noise, updated feeder disc, no more ball jams, and the best wireless control for easy use. All these features make it one of the best budget and ideal robot for table tennis in any environment. Although you may have reservations using it professionally for an independent player, it is a good option.

–    The Good/What I like

The best thing about the iPong V300 is all the upgrades and improvements. It is now a bug-free and more performing robot for table tennis. You can have all the necessary functions in this extremely portable robot. Moreover, it looks like a toy but a great performer for the game. it is good due to the wireless technology and portability as well.

–    The Bad/What I do not like

Although V300 has so many improvements and upgrades, there are still few things that can cause trouble. It is necessary to go through all the minor details of the operation to ensure the right practice and performance of the robot. One single loop can cause a problem in the performance.

–    Pros

  • Total wireless remote
  • Stock up 100 balls
  • Can throw 70 balls per minute
  • Show controls on a digital screen
  • Ultimate portability
  • Coming with numerous upgrades

–    Cons

  • Poor speed adjustment can cause issues with performance

1st Runner-Up – ZXMOTO 36 Spins Ping Pong Ball Machine

In the race of best Ping Pong robot here, we have the ZXMOTO 36 as the first runner up. Although it is not the winner, its ultimate playing mode, frequency, spin, and other features make it the best. Moreover, it is from the winner’s family that puts a signature mark on the robot.

–     Product Highlights

The Ping-Pong machine comes with a portable approach that you can carry it anywhere as per convenience. It gives 36 different kinds of spins that are exceptional for practicing. Moreover, you do not have to use any other equipment for installation, so you can place it anywhere easily. In the container, you need to have at least 15 balls to make it work. If the balls are less than 15, then you will not be able to make it work. You can use the 40mm balls as per international standards in the machine. It gives the double end serve, but you can opt for the single-end serve as well.

–     The Good/What I like

The best things about the ZXMOTO 36 spins are its overall make and portability. You do not need any specialized skills or tools for its assembling. Moreover, it is quite easy to have it anywhere as per your convenience. From its size, it looks like a beginner robot, but in performance and features, it is next to a professional you can hit up to 36 different spinning styles that make it remarkable. Moreover, a fully adjustable head and serve helps you to turn your game at your convenience.

–    The Bad/What I do not like

One of the inconveniences with the robot is its ball limit. You definitely need a bundle of balls to have with you in order to work well. moreover, it does not have any net included in the package, so you will have to get the one for yourself.

–    Pros 

  • 36 spinning options
  • Different spinning gears
  • Adjustable positions
  • Totally portable
  • Easy to fix
  • Use standard balls

–   Cons

  • Requires a specific number of balls to operate
  • Do not have a catch net in the package
  • Its portability question is performance sometimes

2nd Runner-Up iPong Trainer Motion Table Tennis Training Robot

On the second runner up, we have another best option that lets you have the best of practice. Although it is small, it has the potential to deliver almost 30 to 70 balls per minute in five different settings. Therefore, it is good for all level players from beginners to professionals.

–  Product Highlights 

The smart and sleek training robot comes with 80 iPong ABS balls, a pickup net, and a tilt stand in the package. It seems like you will have everything in the package that you need to practice. the wireless remote control helps you to manage the functions, spins, and frequencies as per convenience. It comes with five modes, backspin, no spin, top spin, oscillation, and adjustable frequency. You can use any of the modes as per your training preference at the time. Moreover, it comes with a memory technology. You do not have to adjust the settings all the time. By pushing the restart button, you will be able to start practice in the last settings you had. The simple three-step assembling makes it easy for the player to have the setup ready, and they can start with it.

–    The Good/What I like

The best thing about the iPong trainer Motion is its utility and portability. It lets you have the easy installation, and you can carry it anywhere easily. Moreover, the memory function helps you to save time with the settings every time. Additionally, there are balls in the pack, so you do not have to buy the balls, unlike others separately. You will have a ready to go package in the machine.

–     The Bad/What I do not like

One of the bad things in the machine is the ball specific feature. In the training robot, you can only use the iPong ABS balls. The standard balls are not compatible apparently with the machine, so you will have to face issues. Every time you need to but the specific balls.

–    Pros 

  • Contains balls and pickup stand in the package
  • Memory function for easy restart
  • Three steps easy installation
  • Easy ball gathering
  • Deliver 30 to 70 balls per minute

–    Cons

  • Ball specific features
  • Do not have a catch net in the package

3rd Runner-Up – CHAOFAN 36 Spins/HUI PANG-07 Table Tennis Robot

On the number 3rd in the runner up, we have another best Ping-Pong robot that helps you to practice for professional training and to have the recreational game. certain features make it the best option when you are looking for an adjustable and friendly robot for table tennis.

–    Product Highlights

It comes up with five-level swing frequency and five levels out ball frequency adjustments; you can switch from the short ball to a long ball as well. very adjustable features make it an ideal option for you. moreover, you can have the ball frequency from 40 to 70 per minute, and the speed will range from four to 40 meters per second. It seems that you can have an ultimately amazing practice session. From the initial scale to the advanced level, you can have a goof kicks start. Moreover, the container holds the capacity of 40mm 110 balls that let you avoid refills every time. It is the best mate you can have for the practices and family fun as well.

–    The Good/What I like

The best things about the CHAOFAM 36 spin are the container for balls. It lets you have a nonstop game for long, as there are almost 110 balls in the container at a time. On the other hand, you have multiple settings from the beginner level to advance one. It helps you to have the best hands-on practices.

–    The Bad/What I do not like

Although the machine is portable and easy to carry, the wired remote of the machine can be a little problem. It restricts you to a specific area in order to control the overall functions.

–    Pros

  • The larger capacity of 110 balls at a time
  • Easy installation
  • Manual in two languages, English and Chinese
  • Remote control functions
  • Totally adjustable
  • 2 wheel drive and fixed dropping

–   Cons

  • Wired remote control restricts the free movement
  • Limited spins

Best Mid-Range Robot- Newgy Robo-Pong 2055

For the best mid-range robot, you can pick up the Newgy Robo-Pong 2055. It is one of the suitable and average robots you can find with good quality. If you are looking for something nice that can help you to be better with the overall practice and some good sessions, then this can be a good option for you.

–    Product Highlights

The robot is known for its amazing accuracy with the delivery and following the settings. The small but nicer package is good to have good control of your sessions. You can get the best of placement, frequency, and ball speed with the robot. It has almost 64 presets for the drills as usual that include the train strokes, footwork, transitions, and other skills. You can have the basic to advanced options easily. There is PC software available to create your own settings and presets to add to the robot program.

The control panel is available in 6 languages so you can understand the instructions and have easy navigation through the system. Moreover, the recycling net system works fine to collect up the balls and inline them again in the container to let you have nonstop action.

–    The Good/What I like

The best thing about the robot is it’s multiple presets that give you variations and options to try. On the other hand, the recycling net keeps you in action for long and help in collecting up the balls easily. Moreover, the package comes with a complete kick-start deal, including balls, net, tools, and much more so you can start as soon as possible. 6 languages control panel and manual help you to have quick understanding.

–    The Bad/What I do not like

The downside is the limitation of software compatibility. You may not be able to run the application on any operating system other than Windows 10 (64 Bit/32 Bit).

–    Pros 

  • 64 presets for functioning
  • Recycling net for nonstop action
  • PC software to develop your own presets
  • Easy installation
  • Manual head adjustment
  • Fits all standard tennis balls
  • Control panel available in 6 languages

–   Cons

  • Restrictions on software compatibility
  • Need advanced skills to produce the high-end preset on software
  • One year limited warranty

Runner-Up – Newgy Robo-Pong 1040+

The runner seems to be similar to the Robo-Ping 2040 but has some of the differences. You can have extended facilities that may help you to be better. It is one of the fair options. Best Ping-Pong robots so you can have the best practice.

–    Product Highlights 

In the robot, you will get the controls for the ball speed, oscillation, and frequency to make some quick and easy changes. Moreover, for the extra-long action, there is an extended cage attached to the robot that can carry almost 200 balls at a time. You can have five spin settings and six-shot selection to practice with. It is all a great combination to start with and moves to excellence. The setup of the robot on the table is quite nice and easy, you need to place it on the table, and it is all set to play.

There are head angle adjustment options from high lobs to low serve, so you can adjust are as per your preferences. With the speed settings, you can manage the throw and delivery as per your level of practice.

–    The Good/What I like

The good thing in the robot is its delivery options and a bigger cage for 200 balls that can serve you for long. You do not have to take pauses and can practice as much as you want. another best if it is easy assembling without any tools, you do not need to put any screws or handle to the robot for its placement.

–    The Bad/What I do not like

One of the bad things is the missing recycling net, so you may have to collect the 200 balls on your own every time. On the other hand, you can but a net to have a little coverage for the balls.

–    Pros 

  • Easy installation system
  • Large care for 200 balls
  • Easy speed and spin system
  • Full controls
  • Easy head adjustment and frequency settings

–    Cons

  • Limited one year warranty
  • A little extra-large cage
  • No recycling net

Best Professional – Butterfly Amicus Prime

The best professional Ping-Pong robot that comes up with some of the extensive and versatile features. All these options are there to make it the best one for the players who want to improve their game constantly. It can be a great help to make some of the advanced moves in the game.

–   Product Highlights

It is one of the advanced robots that come with all programed functions and a number of supportive resources. You can have a frequency of 120 balls per minute and can make adjustments to deliver as per your needs. Moreover, there are pre-programmed settings that you can use for the multiple skills development in table tennis. There is an application and cloud backup attached to the robot. Using the application, you can add all your details to it. Then you will be able to get the best settings for skills development. It can assess you according to skills and suggest the working areas for improvement. The Bluetooth control helps to make easy changes during your drill.

–    The Good/What I like

The best thing in the robot is the artificial intelligence that assesses the overall performs and suggests you more move for important. The technology trains you the best, and the presets you for all good.

–    The Bad/What I do not like

There is nothing bad about the robot; the only thing is its standard is too professional. An average player cannot play with the robot; it is designed for the professionals.

–    Pros 

  • Wireless Bluetooth control
  • Cloud backup
  • Android and iOS app with regular updates
  • Programmed drills and video tutorials
  • Memory to store drills

–    Cons

  • Extremely fit for professional training
  • Not recommended for beginners
  • Requires good maintenance

Runner-Up – Butterfly Amicus Professional Robot

Another runner-up on the list that has some exceptional features, but due to being extremely professional, it is not recommended for all. The user space is restricted in this case, as things can go critical in some cases.

–    Product Highlights

The robot is well packed with some exceptional features such as 4 level height adjustments, 100 balls per minute, fully functional control panel for all the features, pre-loaded exercises for improvement, and many more. The best feature is to have the mega spin mode for the extreme spin and experience the toughest competition ever. In all manners, it gives a good practice session for professionals.

–    The Good/What I like

It is a composite package for the professionals to practice table tennis with just one robot. The best thing about the robot is exercise memory and the cluster of exercises to make the player practice the best. Moreover, it lets the player create the exercise of his own for good.

–    The Bad/What I do not like

Technically, there is no downside to the robot. It is indeed the best Ping-Pong robot to buy but only for professionals. It is highly complicated for an average player. Most of its features are not useful for the house players, so it is not for everyone.

–    Pros

  • Deliver 100 balls per minute
  • Easy to pack, move and transfer
  • 4 level height adjustments
  • Multiple exercises
  • Memory space for exercises up to 99 exercises
  • Pre-saved exercises
  • Options to play multiple exercises in a cluster

–    Cons

  • Complex control system
  • Extremely professional robot
  • Not recommended for beginners

Best Ping Pong Catch Net

When you are using the Ping-Pong robot for practice, then you do need a Ping-Pong catch net. It can be difficult to catch up with all the balls from the room. With the help of a good ball catch net, you can save time and effort. Here are some of the best options that you can consider:

iPong Carbon Fiber Table Tennis Ball Catch Net

It is one of the best options for catch nets in the marketplace. You can have the maximum advantages of the product.

–    Product highlights 

Made of carbon fiber frame with a sleek polyester net to collect up the balls. The net comes with an additional net on the side to have better coverage during practice. The design of the net is convenient to use in different practice sessions.

–  The good

Some of the good things I like in the catch net are the lightweight and durability. Moreover, it is compatible with any Ping-Pong table, so you do not have to buy any specific gadgets. An extended site net helps to funnel the balls into a bucket.

–    The bad 

There are certainly worse things in the catch net. At first, it takes a lot of time for the adjustments and attachment to the table. On the other hand, side net can cause pain if it is not funneled properly. You may not get all the balls in the bucket by the end of the session.

–    Pros 

  • Fiber structure and polyester net
  • Compatible to all tables
  • Offers four clamps assembling
  • Additional net funnel for quick collection

–    Cons

  • Poor adjustment of the net funnel
  • Too light to stand

Powerfly Ping Pong Table Tennis Catcher Net

Another option in the table tennis catcher net is the Powerfly Ping Pong. You can use the net for the individual sessions and will be easier to use with the robots. It gives a wider coverage for the balls.

–  Product highlights 

The net is made of a delicate but durable structure that catches balls easily in a table tennis game. The blue color net can be packed in a shoebox-size to make it look balanced and sane. Moreover, it is made of the polyester and fiber frame.

–    The good 

One of the best things I found about the catch net is its compatibility with the table and lower edge curve shape to capture the balls. It is extended to the tabletop only and collects all the balls there.

–    The bad 

It is comparatively smaller and fits only the standard tables, not all of these.

–    Pros 

  • Works well with robots
  • Catches more balls
  • Ideal for a solo session and robotic practice
  • Easy to be used at a club, school, and home
  • Quick adjustment with the table.

–    Cons

  • Limited size options


The extensive review of all the best Ping-Pong robots available in the market, we can evaluate that ZXMOTO table tennis robot is the winner. It is offering numerous features in comparison to the other robots. It is user-friendly and an amazing fit for professional training as well. A number of presets and settings let you have the best of skill development. You can go from basic to advance level skills using the robot. It is a one-frame opportunity for you to have the best robot. The robot is not just a good game partner but also an ultimate trainer. All you need is to adjust the settings and test your limit in every session for good.

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