Killerspin Jet 800 Speed N1

Killerspin Jet 800 Speed N1Table Tennis Racket Review

Killerspin jet 800 speed n1 is one of the professional and stand out table tennis paddle that lets you have a professional game. It can bring you the best of practice and a good game as well. In your selection of an ultimate Ping Pong racket, this is the right option for you. It comes with quality production, flexible handling and professional approach towards the game. For all the serious players, it is a recommended one right after the other best options.

Who is this product for?

If you are a beginner who is getting started with table tennis, then Killerspin jet 800 speed n1 is not for you. It is a senior’s game gadget. The players who participate in tournaments and have some strong leads towards making a career in table tennis. The made is very professional from is the handle to blade and the rubber surface. It is difficult for beginners to have a grip on the paddle. Moreover, the speed and sharpness is something that does not let a beginner make a start with it. The ideal way for the beginners to start with a beginner paddle and then shift to Killerspin jet 800 speed n1.

Killerspin Jet 800 Speed N1Table Tennis Racket Review

Product Features & Benefits

Killerspin jet 800 speed n1 is professional-grade equipment that is specifically designed for comfortable nonstop action. It is packed with numerous features that keep the product on an overall high. Here have a review about the best of its features:

Material and make

The best thing about the Killerspin jet 800 speed n1 is its overall made. The paddle is designed for professionals; it comes with a comfortable grip handle. The flared handle style with the overall size of 6”x6 1/8” is enough to hold in hand for long. The blade has seven layers of ply containing five wood and two carbon sheets. The combination reduces resistance and gives a better hit. Moreover, it lets the paddle to be flexible that gives the best hold on the ball for the strike. It does have a little cushion for the ball to stabilize on the paddle and get the hit. Moreover, the Nirtix rubber makes it soft and acceptable for the ball. This cushion does not give a straight hit to the ball but stabilizes it for a proper direction.


The paddle performs well with the exceptional spin, ball control and strikes. You can actually have the ball control using this paddle and it will help you to lead the game. The 7play composite wood and the carbon fiber, in combination with Nitrx rubber, gives ultimate properties to turn the table for you. On average, it has the best control and ultimate spin of the ball.

Overall ratings 

Killerspin jet 800 speed n1 has 7.5 ratings for its ultimate control, whilе for power and spin, it has a score of 9 by the critics and users. Its ratings make it an ultimate choice for the professional table tennis players.

Memory book 

In the package, you will get a memory book in which you can keep track of your tournaments, achievements, and other details. It is a gift in the package to let you keep some best memories with Killerspin jet 800 speed n1 saves in one place.

The Good/What I like

The material and make of Killerspin jet 800 speed n1 is the best thing that gives an ultimate control on the ball. With a balanced proportion of flexibility and stiffness, paddle lets you have the ball settled on it before hitting. You do not have to take a pause for the right hit. It is an all-time action paddle for you that gives the best game experience.

The Bad/What I do not like

The only bad in Killerspin jet 800 speed n1 is its restrictions for the beginners. It is too fast and mature to handle that a beginner cannot have its best benefits. For all the initial players, it is necessary to practice on another paddle a little and then move towards the Killerspin jet 800 speed n1 for the best experience. Moreover, its durability is in question by most of the users, so it is a kind of handle with care paddle for you.


  • Great spin
  • Proper power
  • Ball control
  • Completely professional paddle
  • 7ply blade


  • Only for the professional players
  • Not so durable
  • Should avoid any hard-hitting
  • Hitting sound can distract as it gives a cracking sound

Killerspin Jet 800 vs. Killerspin Jet 600

Right before the Killerspin jet, 800 speed n1, the company introduced Killerspin jet 600. The paddle did well for the users and do have a great fan following still. It is another reason for the Killerspin jet 800 speed n1’s popularity among the table tennis players and professionals. Moreover, it is carrying the legacy of the best performer by the company. Here is a comparison between the two flagships of Killerspin:

Killerspin jet 800 speed n1 Killerspin jet 600
Suitable For  Advanced players only Intermediate and advanced players
Material  5layer wood 2layer carbon
5layer wood
Rubber  Nitrx-4z Nitrx-4z
Dimensions  6”x6 1/8” 6”x6 1/8”
Weight  Lightweight Lightweight
Speed 9 8
Spin 9 9
Control 7.5 8.5

The advanced and better Jet 800 speed n1 brings you a little more advanced features that the jet 600. It is purely for the professionals and advanced players in keeping their game-high, better and in control. You can pick up the right option as per your requirement.


Killerspin jet 800 speed n1 is the ultimate option in the series for you to have a professional paddle. It gives the best coverage to all your tournaments. For all the Killerspin lovers, it is the best gift to continue their game. Its weight, dimensions, and all the features make it a visible better option. Moreover, there are some care cautions that you need to follow for having the best gaming experience.

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