Palio Expert 2 Tennis Racket Review

Palio Expert 2 is one excellent product offered by two landmark companies in the field of table tennis. The duo presents you with an ultimate and exceptional table tennis racket with all the amazing features that you need. It is the learning companion of the future champions in making their game better. One can have this best gadget to learn the basic skills and experience perfection.

Palio Expert 2 Tennis Racket Review

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Who is this product for?

Commonly you can find the table tennis paddles that are amazing for the professionals and experts—a few options reviewed for the beginners. Palio Expert 2 is the right paddle for beginners and learners on an elementary level. It is designed to support the learning skills and setup of the players by giving them the best support. The overall abilities of spin, control, hit and response along with hand adjustment is feasible for the players. You can learn a lot of skills and tricks with the help of this fantastic design racket.

Product Features & Benefits

Palio Expert 2 comes with several supreme features that make it an advanced level option for you. There are two different experts involved in providing this amazing product so that the users will have the best of their skill development in table tennis. Here are some best features of the racket that you need to know.

Material and make

The Palio Expert 2 is made of the best quality material and has the two Palio rubbers CJ8000 mixed that give the best spin and control on the ball. It is made of the durable wood from the blade to handle to provide the comfortable hold. You can have the best ball grip with the help of a stiff and semi-flexible surface that turns out with the rubber cover. Moreover, it does not let the ball damage and gives a smooth sound on hit.


The racket is designed for the ultimate performance considering all the necessary aspects. The all-wood blade with the rubber on the cover gives the best of speech, spin and control. It is ideal for beginners to handle the best features. Although the speed rating of the Palio Expert 2 is six, it is suitable for the learners. It lets them have a grip on faster deliveries and hits as well. Additionally, the racket has 9 rating scores in spin and 10 in control. The player will have full control over the game.  

Free gift

In the package, you will get the Palio bat carefree that lets you protect the rubbers from any damage. Moreover, it keeps the racket clean and secure when it is not in use. You can use the racket as good as new before every single match. It helps keep and carry the racket with you anywhere as per your need.

The Good/What I like

The best thing about the Palio Expert 2 is the combination of two best sellers. Both companies have their significant representation in the field. They are best in selling out the products that matter a lot. Moreover, it is the best racket for beginners. They can learn out the amazing things with the help of this one racket. The paddle is good enough for a person to start up and then shift to a professional and advanced option.

The Bad/What I do not like

Sometimes the users may feel the speed of the paddle is quite low. The score of six is definitely not an ideal one for the table tennis paddle, but for the beginners, it is fine. The professionals and advance players may not find it good in speed, but in control and spin, it is fair.


  • ITTF approved
  • Palio CJ8000 rubber
  • All wood blade
  • Comes in red color
  • Improved design
  • Manufactured by Palio and Expert
  • Amazing user ratings for spin, speed and control
  • Best for the beginners to learn advance skills


  • Overall speed ratings are lower  
  • No color variation
  • Only for beginners not suitable for advance level

Palio Expert 2 VS Palio Expert 3

After Palio expert 2, the other version, Palio expert 3 is in the market. As a whole, Palio expert series is all about helping the beginners of table tennis with the best paddles. Both rackets have their specification to make things better and exclusive for the players. These let the player execute the best and basic techniques efficiently.

What is new?

When there is a comparison between both, then there is nothing much to consider. In the Palio, expert three, the blade is revamped with thicker protective edge tape and has a new cover for protection. The new-look is just customization for the players to specify the Palio expert 2 and Palio expert 3.

All the similarities

In genuine, there are no major differences in the features and results of both models. Palio Expert 3 seems to be the replica of the previous version. There is a little touch of difference; otherwise, it is just like the previous one. There is a CJ8000 blade with all wood blades like before that is ITTF approved as well. Moreover, for the protection, there is a case available but with a little different print.

Moreover, the ETT ratings for the Palio expert 3 are similar to the previous model. For speed, it has six, spin 9 and control is 10. In conclusion, both models do not have many differences at all, so no matter which one you are using.


Palio Expert 2 is the best of the beginners’ paddle for the table tennis learners. It covers all the necessary features required for a good and suitable racket. For the learners, racket gives the best of coverage in learning all the amazing skills. The rubber is flexible enough to provide the ultimate spin and best control on the ball. Paddle keeps the speed limited so the beginner player can easily handle it.

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