Stiga Advantage Table Tennis Table

Stiga Advantage Table Tennis Table Review

Stiga advantage table tennis table is one of the promising and amazing Ping Pong table. It is totally attach and detach kind of table that you can fix anywhere. Among some of the best and performing tables for table tennis, it is a prominent one. Made up of quality material it is durable and have something special for the users.

Who is this product for?

It is a table for all. Any of the crazy Ping Pong player, beginner or leaner can use the table freely. It comes with amazing features and mobility so it can be used anywhere. No matter if you want to keep it at you club, house or office, it is adjustable. Moreover, standard height helps in keeping it ideal for all heights.

Stiga Advantage Table Tennis Table Review

Product Features & Benefits –

Stiga advantage table tennis table is a complete solution table that comes up with a number of user-friendly features. It helps the players to perform well and have a good room for the overall game. The table is designed for the beginners and professionals at the same time. For the academies and teach clubs it can be an amazing option for a long-term performance. Moreover, it is a competition table and has all the exclusive features.

Make and material

The table tennis table is made the high quality material. The tabletop have 5/8” top made of wood with the metal frame. Moreover, the casters make it moveable and lock keeps it at one place. Overall, an ultimate quality helps to make a real difference in the competition.


The play position of the table gives you the width of 60inches, depth of 108inches and height of 30inches as well. Therefore, it is a completely professional and competition table so you can have the best experience and game performance. Moreover, the 3inches casters with lock helps you to keep the table locked at a specific position easily.

Design and assembling

The best thing about Stiga advantage table tennis table is its preassembled featuring. Almost 95% of the table is preassembled in the package. You just need to do the rest of 5% and it will be all set to play. Moreover, the assembling is quite easy and quick so you can have the fast game on the go. Due to its flexibility, you can dissemble the table anytime and move it from one place to the other easily.

Playing modes

The table lets you to have multiple playing modes. You can adjust the table position in two directions. One is the play position in which you can keep the table flat and both players can have a competition easily. However, if you do not have any playing partner then you can go for the playback position. One-half of the table can stand in vertical position so you will be able to play from one side and will get the automatic bounce from the other side. It lets you to have perfect practice without a partner or robot.

The Good/What I like

Stiga advantage table tennis table is above average and have all the best features but the playback position is exceptional. It is a feature that lets you to practice well and improve your skills easily. Moreover, you do not need any other partner or robot for the game. It can save you a lot of money. You do not have to use a number of balls, as one ball will be repeating repeatedly.

The Bad/What I do not like

There is nothing bad about the table. All the players and users are very satisfied with all of its features.


  • Double playing mode
  • Ideal height
  • Easy assembling
  • Have net in the package
  • Good for frequent mobility
  • Safety lock options
  • Perfect flat surface


  • Fortunately the product do not have any cons

Stiga Advantage vs. Joola Inside

Joola Inside is one of the best brands that offer the ultimate table tennis table and much more. It can be one of the competitions to Stiga advantage table tennis table overall. However, the final evaluation requires a bit of comparison. Let us have a few words with it.

When you go though some of the significant features of Joola Inside then it is similar to the Stiga advantage. Both tables have the almost same dimensions, make and material as well. These both are good enough to play indoor and outdoor as well. Moreover, with the Joola inside you can easily play on the single play mode. It has some of the safety locks positions and much more in the box for you.

However, there is one flow in the completely perfect story that is missing in Stiga advantage table tennis table. The Joola inside have some limitations with its safety lock and screws. Many of the users have complaints about its lock positions, grips and screws as well. These can be lose or may not have a good grip to stand the frame or table at a spot. Sometimes the locks do not work in some specific articles that cause issues when playing in the competition.

It is not possible to except such kind of flaw from a reported company but it is like that. Moreover, Joola is not so user friendly. Assembling the table requires time and skills as well. All the parts of the table come in one box separately. You will have to read them annual and collect all the parts at first. Then you will be able to assemble them properly. It can be hectic and sometimes not possible for a newbie to table tennis business.


Stiga advantage table tennis table proves to the one of the hand, perfect fit, quality material and comes with easy assembling. It makes you job easy and quick when you have to play. Moreover, the safety locks and double playing modes are ideal to have it in your training and competitions at the same time. It is a best package in the price you can have with all cool features.

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