STIGA Pro Carbon Table Tennis Racket Review

Are you looking for the ultimate table tennis racket? Or want to have a more professional and advanced level sports experience? Then get the STIGA Pro carbon, a final power table tennis racket with great support and grip. You can get an outstanding gaming experience that you never experienced before. The racket is perfect for the outdoor tennis tournament. So, if you are an advanced level player, then have this in your table tennis kit.

STIGA pro carbon table tennis racket offers the perfect grip and carbon technology for the player. Now you can enjoy the professional tournament with a high-quality professional table tennis racket. You can get the benefit of this ultimate power and advanced feature racket to enjoy the next level game that never experiences before. Its carbon technology not just good with speed control but also offers a good grip and power together.

STIGA Pro Carbon Table Tennis Racket Review

Who is this product for? 

This STIGA Pro Carbon table tennis racket is designed for the professional players. It helps in the high quality and performance of the game. All advanced level professional players who are looking for speed, spin and exceptional control over the racket during the game can get this. This is purely designed for excellent power and offers spin and control hit during the game.  

Product features & benefits

STIGA pro carbon racket is high-performance table tennis with a speed of 99, offers the control of 80 with a spin of 100. It is made up of the advanced carbon technology with lightweight rubber sponge. It offers speed control and quick reaction during the game. The customer who gets this product loves its fine edges, rigidity and response rate. Due to its material quality and new carbon technology, it is approved with the ITTF for the tournaments. 

STIGA Pro Carbon

It offers exciting features that make it the choice for tennis players. Here are some benefits of STIGA Pro carbon that are witnessed by the customers:

  • It made up of carbon technology that offers great strength and power.
  • Approved with the ITTF and used for the professional tournaments. Players used it in the advanced level of the game to have ultimate fun.
  • Strong grip and ultimate performance rating, the speed got 99; for control, it gets 80 and 100 for the spin.
  • STIGA Pro carbon racket is designed with the S5 rubber, with 2mm sponge and 7 play extra light blade.
  • Its two layers of carbon rubber improve the rigidity and response to hit the table tennis ball with power and control.
  • Advanced technology offers good energy absorbent and offers a great grip to hold the racket during the game.
  • Wood center ply with the light rubber and sponge makes it easy to carry and light in weight. The ultimate advanced level table tennis racket to have great tournament experience.

The good/what I like

STIGA Pro table tennis racket is a durable and light in weight racket for the player. Its advanced carbon manufacturing technology makes it good in power, support, and spin. I like its grip and strong response during the tournament. The strong rubber and sponge make it stand stick and thick throughout the tournament. An advanced level player gets good control over the spin and bounce.    

The bad/what I do not like

This table tennis racket is only for the professional tournament. For the beginners and initial level, players can use it but not suitable for the training or the beginners. As well as its blade makes it little Havier to carry and spin. For those who are not used to play with the thick rubber, it is not a suitable one for them. To take time to spin back due to the thickness.  


  • Advanced carbon technology
  • Great power, spin & speed
  • Wooden ply with the sponge offer support
  • Great for the professional tournaments
  • Perfect cutting technology


  • Not suitable for indoor sports
  • Only for the advanced level game
  • Not for the beginners

STIGA Pro Carbon VS Evolution – What is the best Stiga paddle? 

STIGA Evolution racket is with the technology of shock dispersion tube that is designed and manufactured between the handles and blade. The purpose is just too absorbed the energy and utilize it to increase the speed and control. This racket offers the performance rating of speed 96, control 90 and spin 94. The racket is approved for the tournaments and considers the best for the advanced level tennis game. It contains a 6 ply light blade, with the 2mm sponge and premium rubber.

Instead of the STIGA Evolution, STIGA pro carbon is come up with the premium carbon technology. The rubber or carbon technology used in manufacturing to raise speed and power. It offers cutting edges technology and the use of advanced material for manufacturing. It contains the 7 ply extra light blade with the 2mm sponge and S5 rubber that increase its thickness and response rate as well. It is best for the outdoor tennis tournament and good in respect of the performance as well. It offers a speed of 99, spin of 100, and control of 80.

If we compare them both in respect of the performance, manufacturing, and durability, STIGA pro carbon table tennis racket offers a more sustainable and high-quality grip during the tournament. It is designed for the advanced level players who want to have a strong grip and response rate during the tournament to have ultimate fun.     


For the professional and advanced level player, STIGA Pro carbon is a great addition to the gadgets. It is a perfect racket to have an ultimate tennis tournament outdoor. Its carbon pro-technology offers great support and grip with good spin. The player can manage the speed easily with the utilization of carbon technology. STIGA pro carbon is made up of high-quality, durable material that is approved by the ITTF for the professional tournaments.  

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