Table Tennis Conversion Top for Pool Table

Best Table Tennis Conversion Top for Pool/Billiard Table Of 2020

Are you a ping pong/table tennis lover who enjoys occasional matches when gathered with friends and family, but doesn’t have enough space to own a ping pong table? If yes, then getting a table tennis conversion top is the ultimate solution.

The table tennis conversion tops are specifically designed for indoors. In fact, this is the ideal alternative for a full-sized ping pong table. You can enjoy hours of fun and entertainment. All you need is an existing pool table or old dining table, and you can easily set up your indoor ping-pong room anywhere you want.

Though table tennis conversion tops are a smart alternative for the tennis table, not all the brands offer value over money features. Therefore we have reviewed the best table tennis conversion brands so that you can easily pick one for you!

Choose The Right One For Your Home!

Ping pong conversion tops, are so far from ideal and most suitable option for setting up indoor table tennis gear. The reason why conversion tops are so popular these days is that they offer easy storage. The conversion tops are sold in two parts with foam at their back. You can easily put these counterparts on the dining or pool table and start playing your game.

Table Tennis Conversion Top for Pool

But buying the table tennis conversion top is not the only thing that you have to take care of. There are certainly other measures and factors that you have to consider before buying the right table tennis conversion top product for your home.

Factors to Consider When Buying Table Tennis Conversion Top for Pool/Billiard Table

When it comes to selecting the best table tennis conversion top for your game room, there are certain factors that you must always check. These factors are not just related to the product but also relate to the room or indoor space you wish to turn into Table Tennis mini court!

Size of The Room Or Indoor Space:

The first important thing that you must consider before buying a conversion tabletop is the size of the room. Though you are using your existing pool table or dining table, you have to check whether the table fits in the room where you want to place.

And even if the table fits perfectly in the room, make sure that you have enough space for serves and returns. In simple words, you have to ensure that you and your opponent have enough space for free movements.

Points To Attach The Nets To Table:

The ping pong conversion tops come with a net and a foam at their back. These nets are attached to the pool or dining table to convert them into a ping pong table. And the points of attachments are different for every table.

Moreover, it is not always true that the conversion top net is attachable to the corners of the table only. There are certain conversion top products that also have nets in the middle of the table. So hence it is important to check how many attachment points are in the conversion top.

Type Of Attachments The Table and Top Requires:

Considering the number of net attachments is one thing, while the type of attachments is another crucial factor for conversion tops. As there are more than ten different manufacturers that design conversion tops for ping pong tables, it means that every product would have its own type of attachment. Just make sure that the one you are buying is easy to place on the pool table or dining table.

Size And Dimensions Of The Conversion Top:

Just as the size of your room or indoor matters, the same as the size of the ping pong conversion top is also important. It is because most of the ping pong conversion tops are smaller than usual table sizes. And if the conversion top is not of the size of your pool or dining table, it would affect the quality of your play. Therefore when you are buying conversion top, check the size and dimensions of the conversion tops.

Thickness Of The Conversion Top:

Another important factor of the conversion tops is the thickness. There are three different variations of conversion tops based on its thickness. The most common thickness measure for the conversion tops is ½ of an inch. But the ideal table conversion top thickness is ¾ of an inch. So if you want to enjoy a smooth and competitive table tennis match with your friends and family, then make sure that you buy ¾ of an inch thick table conversion top.

The surface Of Table And Conversion Top:

The key factor for good returns, spins, and bounce of the ping pong ball is the surface of the ping pong table. The smoother the surface would be, the greater would be the bounce and spin. That is why it is important to check the top surface of the conversation tops. Make sure that there is no bump or dent on the surface.

Stability of The Conversion Top:

The last but not the least factor of all is the stability of the conversion top. As the conversion top is attached over the pool table, therefore there are chances of instability. So hence when you are buying it for your home table, you have to make sure that the conversion top fixes smoothly over the table. And it remains stable.

Best Table Tennis Conversion Top

It is time to list all the best table tennis conversion top options for you. Here eight different conversion products are broken down into what unique features they offer, what are the benefits, and what they lack along with the market price!

1. JOOLA Regulation Table Tennis Conversion Top

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If you are looking for a good mid-grade ping pong table, then the JOOLA Regulation Table Tennis Conversion Top is the ideal option. The conversion top comes with a foam backing as well as metal aprons. Moreover, the JOOLA Regulation Conversion Top is a full-sized table conversion top.

Product Highlights:

What makes this table tennis conversion top an interesting choice is that it can be used to convert any table into a standard ping pong table. The length and width of the JOOLA regulation table conversion top are 7×3 and 9×5 feet.

The conversion top has a very sleek design, with a blue color, multi-layer surface. The thickness of the JOOLA conversion top is 15mm, with a weight of 117 lbs. The thickness of the conversion top is ideal for creating the perfect bounce and spins.

The 10 EVA foam pads are one of the prominent features of this conversion top. They provide enough cushion to protect the top surface of your tables. It takes only five minutes to set the conversion top on any type of table because of the clamp style net.

Not just the net but also the post set in the conversion top also helps in assembly. Joola regulation conversion table top comes to a supreme quality metal apron, to support the conversion top over the table.

The steel tube aprons are 1.5 inches is added to the conversion top to eliminate the risk of sagging. Plus, these steel tubes keep the conversion top flat over the table so that players can have a consistent and smooth table tennis match.

The Good/What I like:

The quality of the table conversion top is supreme. The black finish and blue top surface look really classic. Furthermore, the steel tube aprons, clamp-style net, and pack sets make everything so simple and easy. Last but not least, the actual thickness of the conversion top is 9/16,” but with the foam backing, it comes down to ¾ of an inch!

The Bad/What I do not like:

Though the JOOLA Regulation Table Tennis Conversion Top is designed with metal aprons, to prevent sagging, the conversion still creates some sagging. Plus, the conversion top is very heavy to carry from one place to another. While the net of that comes with the conversion top sets up really good, the string used to lace through the top is not good.


1. Easily fit over any table up to 8 ft long.
2. Easy to assemble.
3. Protects the equipment from scratch and damage with foam backing.


1. Expensive.
2. Creates sag between table and conversion top.
3. The net is not very handy.
4. Heavier.

2. JOOLA Tetra – 4 Piece Ping Pong Table Top for Pool Table

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The JOOLA Tetra is a full size, four-piece Ping Pong Table Conversion Top. This JOOLA product is ideal for converting your old or existing billiard table into an outclass ping pong table within minutes. The conversion top comes with foam pads and custom nets. The four-piece top offers great compact storage.

Product Highlights:

The JOOLA Tetra Ping Pong Conversion Top is a model choice for many reasons. Starting from its assembly time, it takes not more than three minutes to set the table. Plus, the weight of the conversion top is just 85 lbs, as it is divided into four separate pieces.

Joola Tetra is a full-size conversion top, with a very smooth, flat, blue-colored Particle Board with laminated with PVC. The regulation size of this product is 9×5 ft with 12 mm thickness, ideal for converting air hockey, dining, picnic, or pool table into a ping pong table.

Unlike most conversion tops, this product comes with hinges on each piece – allowing compact storage. You don’t have to worry about your equipment and gear, as the conversion top comes with protective foam pads. Place the foam pads at the back of the conversion top, and it will do its magic.

The Good/What I like:

The most intriguing feature of the JOOLA Tetra Conversion Top is that it is compact and foldable. Furthermore, the net and post set is very handy and easy to set-up. The conversion top parts are lightweight and easy to carry and store.

The Bad/What I do not like:

Though this product offers great features and value over money, there are still some improvements required. First, the conversion top is not thick enough. Hence it does not produce a great bounce. Secondly, the joint in the centerline is very tight. Thirdly, the rubber pads don’t provide much stability, especially if you are using it on a table other than the pool table.


1. Inexpensive.
2. Lightweight and easy to assemble.
3. Foldable and convenient to store.


1. Doesn’t offer great ball bounce.
2. Lacks stability.
3. Low-quality net.
4. Uneven and not flat centerline.

3. Indoor Table Tennis Conversion Top with Net Set by Rally & Roar

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The Rally and Roar Table Tennis Conversion Top are one of the best options for indoor use. You can adjust this conversion top easily according to the length and width of your pool, picnic, or dining table. The conversion top is very easy and quick to set-up so that you can enjoy a consistent table tennis match.

Product Highlights:

What makes this Rally & Roar table tennis conversion top unique and great option is that it could be used 2 boards as well as 4 boards set. The two board set provides ⅝ inch thick thickness while the 4 piece board gives ½ inch of thickness.

With this conversion top, you could enjoy a full, tournament size ping pong table anywhere and whenever you want. Furthermore, the conversion top is foldable. It means that you can dismantle it whenever you want and stash it under your bed or closet. It does not take up much storage space.

All the four boards come with hinges, net sets, and post sets, which makes it easy to assemble. The quality of the conversion top is no doubt highly supreme. Also, the surface of the boards is flat and smooth enough to produce good bounce and spins.

The Good/What I like:

The best feature of this conversion top is its foldability. Unlike many other similar design products, the hinges of this conversion go perfect. The hinges don’t interfere or affect the play. Moreover, the hard and solid wood used in this conversion top worths spending money. Also, the foam strips used underneath the top protects the tables from scratch and damages.

The Bad/What I do not like:

The biggest flaw of the Rally and Roar table tennis conversion top is the net. They have used the plastic net set, that doesn’t last very long. Although the middle crease of the conversion top is excellent and tight, it alters the path of the ball. Also, the support of the conversion top requires some major improvements and modifications.


1. Compact storage and portability.
2. It can be used over any table.
3. Very simple and easy to set-up.


1. The bounce is not very great.
2. The sideways, middle, and corner supports interfere with play.
3. The net is flimsy and low quality.

4. Martin Kilpatrick Ping Pong Table for Billiard Table

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If you are looking for high quality, easily convertible, and compatible conversion top, then Martin Kilpatrick Ping Pong Table Conversion Top for Billiard Table is the answer. This butterfly table tennis conversion top offers many remarkable features and benefits.

Product Highlights:

The thickness, as well as the regulation size of the Martin Kilpatrick conversion top, is perfect. The length and width of the table are 9×5 ft. The board thickness of this conversion top is 19mm. Another interesting thing about this product is that it is available in three different colors – blue, green and grey.

It is very easy to connect the conversion top parts, because of the hinges. The product also comes with a net bracket that makes the top compatible with the table. Unlike many other conversion tops, the Martin Kilpatrick conversion top offers double protection. It not only has a protective steel rail underneath but also comes with foam/rubber pads.

The dovetail connectors used in the conversion boards provide greater stability. They also provide the net set along with the conversion top. This net sets very easy to install, as you can slide them into the sides of the conversion top.

The Good/What I like:

The Martin Kilpatrick table tennis conversion top has a very sturdy, tough, and smooth top surface. The paint coat is very good. The surface produces great bounce and has a significant amount of stability. The locking clips used in the conversion top are pretty good.

The Bad/What I do not like:

There is a lack of protective foam padding, and the protective steel rails are not around all the sides. Also, the size of the foam pads is much smaller, as shown in the pictures. Further, the conversion top is solid enough; the sag is still there in the center. And there are some gaps at the point of net attachments.


1. High-quality material with a 3-year warranty.
2. Produces great ball bounce.
3. A good option for competitive matches.
4. Easy to attach and remove.


1. Expensive for most people.
2. Very heavy.
3. Metal rail is installed at three sides of the top only.

5. Butterfly Ping Pong Table for Billiard Table

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Butterfly Ping Pong Table Conversion Top is a great accessory for your game room. Though the price is high for some consumers, the product offers great value over money. Its features make it an ideal option for both indoor and outdoor game rooms. This conversion top is indeed a good choice for a competitive table tennis match.

Product Highlights:

With a sleek design, butterfly snap-on net as well as on the metal railing, and two-color (green and blue) variations, the butterfly ping pong table conversion top has much to offer. The most prominent feature of this conversion top is its thickness that is 19mm – perfect for creating good ball bounce. The regulation size of this conversion top is also 9×5 ft.

An interesting fact about this product is that the consumer does not require to assemble it. Furthermore, the conversion top comes with a protective foam layer underneath, to provide a cushion between the top and table surface. In addition to the foam backing, steel rails are also available that can fit on 8 or 9 ft table.

The conversion top is known to offer a sturdy and flat surface that makes allows a consistent and uninterrupted game. Also, the clip style net makes it easier to install the net on the table without disrupting the surface. Just put together the two halves of the top over the table, and you are ready to enjoy your game.

The Good/What I like:

The best thing about this product is its thickness. It provides a smooth and flat surface to the player to produce good ball bounce. At the bottom of the top, there is a lip that makes it stable and prevents it from moving. Moreover, the clip-style net attachment is very easy and quick to install. The quality and durability of these products make it a one-time investment.

The Bad/What I do not like:

The only drawback of this conversion top is its weight. Unlike the other 2 pieces/board conversion tops, Butterfly Ping Pong conversion top is very heavy. It is not very easy to put and remove. It requires at least two men to lift it up, and then remove the boards.


1. Quick and easy to install and set-up.
2. High quality, solid wood surface.
3. Full foam protective backing.


1. Heavier than usual conversion tops.
2. The green color is too bright.
3. Not portable or moveable.

6. Harvil Table Tennis Conversion Top

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Look no further for the correct ping pong change table. This Harvil indoor table tennis table conversion top is developed of thick fiber wood. Price is not the only tempting fact about this product. Its rock-solid surface offers a great deal of enjoyable, consistent, and uninterrupted hours of play.

Product Highlights:

When it comes to breaking down the features of the Harvil Table Tennis Conversion Top, the feature worth mentioning on the top is its sleek design. The conversion top is extremely flat and thin, yet offers a smooth, sturdy and stable surface to play.

This 9-foot long ping pong table conversion top is made of durable and thick fiber wood with wipe elastic strips and edge banding on the outskirts. Flawless to set up over your billiard tables. 8 delicate and adaptable 3.94-inch thick EVA froth cushioning give additional insurance to the billiard table underneath.

Durable ping pong net with sturdy braces are incorporated with your new change top. With all the clamps and clips, the table conversion top is very easy and quick to assemble. The blue color top, with white logo, and edge bendings around the corner, this product is an ideal accessory for your game room.

The Good/What I like:

Harvil Table tennis conversion top is a very durable product. Plus, its design and color look fantastic. The rubber padding and the bent edges offer a great deal of protection against scratches and damage. Unlike the many other conversion top products, this one has a high-quality net – that is very easy to install.

The Bad/What I do not like:

This conversion top is thin but quite heavy – needs at least two or three men to lift this up. Furthermore, the blue paint coating is very thin and could easily wear off. Also, the edges don’t hold much longer and come out.


1. Affordable and offers value over money.
2. Easy to set-up.
3. Produce good bounce.
4. Net is easy to install and is of good quality.


1. The boards are heavy to lift.
2. Susceptible to scratch and damage.
3. It often needs an extra cushion and rubber padding.

7. Lancaster 2 Piece Foldable Indoor Table Top Tennis Game Set

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The Lancaster 2 Piece Table Tennis Conversion Top is a perfect match for your indoor game room. The tabletop is not just durable but also saves up space and easy to store.

Product Highlights:

Convert your billiard table or air hockey table into a classic table tennis table with this durable and 1/2 inch thick particleboard. The table conversion top is sturdy, solid, and smooth. To protect your equipment from scratch and damage, Lancaster comes with a protective cushion underneath.

The most interesting feature of this product is its foldability. The regulation size of this board is 5 x 9 feet. It means that your gameplay is not going to be compromised. Furthermore, the conversion top uses less storage space.

The premium quality clamp-style net attachments and post sets add more value to the product. This is ideal for indoor use but could be used for outdoor space as well.

The Good/What I like:

With the full-length padding, the Lancaster conversion top is compatible with any kind of table. The cushion underneath the table offers a great deal of stability. The clamp style net is not just easy to install but also of high quality. The surface is smooth and flat enough to produce good ball bounce.

The Bad/What I do not like:

The table itself is just 1/2 inch thick, which creates a sag in the center, except if you add some help underneath it to make it tough. The net is anything but difficult to put on, yet it doesn’t hold as tight.


1. Foldable.
2. Affordable.
3. Durable, easy, and simple to set-up.


1. The paint wears off easily.
2. The center is not tough enough.
3. The net is not tight enough.


Though all the eight table tennis conversion products are a great choice for your indoor/outdoor matches – the best table tennis conversion top is JOOLA Regulation Table Tennis Conversion Top.

It is because of all the remarkable features this product offers. Regardless of the high price, the Joola Regulation conversion top is of high quality. The steel tube aprons not just offer protection to the table surface underneath, but also provides stability and sturdiness.

The table thickness is ideal, and it goes with almost any type of table. The surface of the conversion top is flat and smooth enough to an enjoyable game. With all these features and other additional features, this conversion tabletop is indeed a one-time investment and adds value to your game room.

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