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Best Table Tennis Shoes Reviews Of 2020

Table tennis, or more commonly referred to as ping pong, becomes more crucial when playing professional in competitions, championships. When new ping-pong players start to get serious about the sport of table tennis, one common question that pops up is buying the best table tennis shoes to invest in. While playing table tennis, the feeling of guilt gets worse if you end up losing scores because your shoe didn’t have the right grip or was too notorious for fitting perfectly.

Therefore choosing the best table tennis shoe becomes crucial and decisive for players. Most people have literally no clue regarding the ideal shoes for the game, and the variations that are available in the market make it further challenging. This confuses buyers, and as a result, they end up buying the wrong product. However, this guide eases your trouble by providing you a review of various table tennis shoes to help you buy the best one!

Table Tennis Shoes

Factors to consider while purchasing Table Tennis shoes

It is quite a tough task to choose the best table tennis shoes that meet your needs and do their charm. It is essential to take into consideration various factors, specifications, durability, the longevity of the product, the grip of the shoe, sole, and so much more when you buy the product. Various types of manufacturers of table tennis shoes exist in the market. Every marketer of the footwear offers different features, specs, and advantages. Some shoes are suitable for advanced players, while the rest are great for beginners and part-time table tennis tournaments.

It is essential to take into account which category you consider yourself when it comes to playing table tennis. The minute you decide to buy table tennis shoes, there are several factors to consider in addition to size and price. Some of the other vital factors to think about when purchasing tennis shoes are your foot type, your style of playing, and the tennis court surface your playing in (indoor or outdoor). Table tennis can be quite jarring to the body and puts considerable pressure on the ankles and knees. It is important to find the right tennis shoe which will suit you and your game.


If anything is a deal-breaker, comfort is probably on top. Despite all of the other good qualities, if the shoes aren’t comfortable to play in, then they probably aren’t the right shoe for you. You will hopefully be playing many games on them, so make sure that your feet feel great in your new shoes. If you wear orthotics or maybe special gel insoles for comfort instead, then you had better try the shoe out with your normal inserts – a shoe that feels great without any inserts can feel wrong once you put your orthotics inside. The breathability of the material used in the shoe will also affect how comfortable it is to play in.


Different players require different amounts of support from their shoes. Some players prefer a shoe that is cut low around the ankle, but I am fairly indifferent about whether the shoe is made of the firm or soft material. Make sure you get a shoe that matches your requirements for support, you will feel the difference by the end of a long day on the court.


The more durable, the better, of course. Soles that are stitched to the uppers will generally last longer than soles that are glued to the uppers, especially if you drag your toes from time to time. Soft inner soles will probably wear out faster than harder insoles, but these days new insoles can be purchased from distributors for a small cost. Similarly, rubber soles will not last as long as the plastic varieties, but this is not really a factor since, in most cases, the shock-absorbing qualities will have deteriorated long before the sole is worn out. If you are waiting for the sole to wear out before changing your shoes, you are waiting way too long!


You want a shoe that grips just how you like it. If you like to slide a little, then things get more complicated, but if you are sliding into a position like Roger Federer at the French Open, you need more grip! Also, a shoe that has soles that come up the side of the shoe around the toes can be useful for allowing you to roll your foot a little and still be able to grip when pushing off, instead of having your shoe slide away on its edge, which can cause you to slip at a time when you are very vulnerable to injury.


Table tennis shoes will vary in the amount of bend they possess between heel and toe, and from side to side. Some players prefer less stiffness, and others prefer more. Too much bend, and you will receive less support from the shoe, and too little, and your foot will be constricted when you move around the court.

Perfect Fit

No matter how good athlete you are and how great awesome your workouts and upper-body techniques are, but without the right footwork, you cannot pull off the strokes in table tennis to the best of your sporty potential. So, without any doubts, it’s perfectly right to say that the foundation of solid footwork begins with your feet. You don’t want your footwork to get impacted due to the wrong shoe.

Shock Absorption

Another factor to consider while purchasing table tennis shoes is the potential for shock absorption. This can really vary a great deal between ping-pong shoes. Since most table tennis shoes are designed to be as light as possible, the amount of shock-absorbing material sometimes gets sacrificed to lighten the load. This may not matter if you never play for very long, or play on a nice wooden sprung floor, but if you are playing for long times on concrete or a hardwood floor, your joints will pay the price for skimping on the shock-absorbing stuff.

Excellent grip to floor yet lightweight shoes

You want a shoe that grips just how you like it. Some players like a little bit of slide, while others prefer as much grip as they can get. Some surfaces are more slippery than others. Extra weight in the shoe is something that will slow you down and tire you out over a long day. Lighter is better, but keep in mind that making a shoe light usually involves some sort of compromise in other areas due to the reduced material, so those ultralight shoes you buy may not be very good at giving support or providing shock absorption.

Your foot type

There are three different foot types

  • pronated soles will tend to wear most on the inside
  • supinated soles will tend to wear mostly on the outside
  • neutral soles will wear evenly (this is the least common foot type)

If your feet are pronated, you need a degree of lateral support within the shoe to protect yourself. If your feet are supinated, the right level of cushioning and protection is critical to prevent ankle rollover/injury. You may also prefer a shoe which has a higher cut.

Your style of playing

If you are a baseline player, you will be more likely to need a tennis shoe that has built-in lateral support as you move from side to side along the backline of the court. Serve, and volley players will need a shoe that has a suitable level of reinforcement in the toe to handle any potential sliding of the back foot along with the court at serve.

Court type

If you are playing on a hard tennis court surface, the durability, cushioning, and shock-absorption of the shoe will be a key consideration. Softer court types such as grass and clay do tend to be more forgiving, so you may not require such a durable tennis shoe. Different court surfaces need different tennis shoes. Some different court surfaces are explained briefly:

  • All Court Tennis Shoes: These can be used on all types of courts, and most customers choose these. They have a herringbone grip pattern.
  • Carpet Court (Indoor) Tennis Shoes: These shoes have smooth soles and must only be used on indoor carpet courts.
  • Grass Court and OMNI Court Tennis Shoes: These are designed for excellent grip on artificial (or real) grass courts and hard courts.
  • Clay Court Shoes: Suitable for clay courts but can be worn on any surface.

Best Table Tennis Shoes

In order to provide you with the ease to figure out the right shoe for you, we have conducted a review based on the product’s information and customer reviews of the tennis shoes available in the market.

Butterfly Lezoline Rifones Table Tennis Shoes

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The Butterfly Lezoline Rifones is the all-new flagship model of the popular Lezoline series. It is the perfect combination of top of the line performance and style weaved into one single package.

The Good

Its multitude of useful technologies like the “STB” Torsion protection,” the “B-Armor” reinforcement, the “B-Absorber” shock-absorbing material, or the durable, yet grippy “Win grip” outer sole make them the ideal companion for high-level table tennis.

The Bad

           The product is very pricy, especially if noting that it’s only going to last two seasons or just one season. They are one of the costliest table tennis shoes available in the market. But its price is vastly justified considering the performance enhancements and value these shoes have to offer.


  • Extreme Cushion – The B-Armor covers the front upper part with KPU material.
  • Superior Support – Design prevents undesired movements and enhances the feeling of a perfect fit.
  • Excellent grip – specially formed outer sole with superior grip and assisted your footwork.
  • Shock Absorbent – a special shock-absorbing sponge which features cushioning and flexibility.


  • One-Sided Shoe Tongue.
  • B-Ridge – bridge-shaped middle sole supports sliding motion during footwork.
  • Shock absorbing sponge placed between outer and middle sole of the.
  • STB – prevents distortion of the shoes.

ASICS Men’s Gel-Rocket 8 Shoe

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Asics Men’s Gel Rocket 8, Tennis Shoe is another quality performance tennis shoe. This lightweight shoe with excellent cushioning mechanism ideally fit and offers good hold up for players’ side movement. The Gel solution is manufactured with the latest technology for enhanced breathability and toe resilience. Players are going to play outdoors, or at grass, the court needs shoes with good traction, and the shoe would be a supreme match for those fast players. This is not only a preferred choice for outdoor table tennis but also for indoor table tennis as well.

The Good

           It is an extremely frivolous and steady table tennis shoe. It is perfect for clay surface outdoors as well as a hard court indoor tennis and table tennis. It is redesigned with the latest technology for extreme comfort and great cushion. Its comfortable rubber sole provides greater elasticity and favorable movement. It comes with modification of rubber in the toe that can protect toes from the collision and protect you from sport injury

The Bad

           Although the product has many strong positive points, yet the size of the shoe is a bit narrow as compared to other brands. Although it provides a perfect fit yet, however, it may not be suitable for wider feet. This is potentially a good thing because it enables an ideal fit for the player.


  • Redesigned upper for great hold up and quick game.
  • Featuring Gel-solution to secure feet on shock.
  • Rubber and gum rubber outsole containing more natural rubber content than traditional solid.
  • Lightweight mesh upper with synthetic overlays provide structured support and comfort.
  • Foam-padded collar and tongue.
  • Breathable mesh lining and a cushioned footbed provide added cushioning.


  • The size of the shoe is a bit narrow as compared to other brands

LI-NING Men Table Tennis Shoes

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The LI-NING Men table tennis shoe is quite a heavier option as compared to other table tennis shoes available. It offers very little cushioning. The synthetic leather with textile material used in the upper of the lining of shoes provides you breathable space inside the shoe. It helps to keep your feet cool and dry in the sports environment. Non-marking gum rubber sole with special grooves designed for abrasion resistant and anti-skid.

The EVA midsole helps reduce the shoe’s weight to bring a soft and comfortable wearing feeling. The anti-collision toe cap reduces the toes’ collision to get comfortable walking, running, and playing basketball. It comes with the off tip that is an extra layer of reinforcement that is applied along the inside front and toe area of the table tennis shoes. This helps to help extend the life of the shoes and provide superior product performance.

The Good

The synthetic leather with textile material used in the upper provides you breathable and helps you keep cool and dry sports environment. The rubber outsole with special grooves makes shoes more skid-resistances and wear resistance.

The Bad

Although the product has many strong positive points, yet the product being offered provides very less cushioning and thus is discomfort while playing. It may cause the player to fall or miss a shot while playing


  • Very strong design and with added gripping feature
  • It includes very Breathable air mesh
  • Comes with an Anti-collision toe cap
  • Available in separate colors for male and female


  • Redesigned upper for great hold up and quick game
  • Featuring Gel-solution to secure feet on shock.
  • Less Cushioning

Butterfly Lezoline Mach Table Tennis Shoes

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The Butterfly Lezoline Mach Table Tennis Shoe is another leading top brand for tennis shoes. These shoes are customized to match the needs of the players who’re looking for a choice with some added support and cushion. It’s a perfect pick for players who are a bit on the heavier side or those who want maximum comfort in and around the heel/ankle/knee areas.

The shoe is a bit wide around the mouth and is suitable for players with medium to medium-wide feet. In addition, the shoe runs 0.5 to 1 size smaller than your usual shoes. The SR touch inserts in the forefoot smooth the progress of faster movement and acceleration while the D-flex grooves offer the first-rate traction. Also, it comes with the breathable upper Air mesh that aids in keeping the feet cool and dry.

The Good

These are comparatively Medium in width shoes than other available options in the market. They offer Wave plate technology, which augments mid-foot support. It includes SR touch insert, particularly for supporting heels and anatomically molded detachable inner soles for utmost ease. The material used in making these shoes are Abrasion-proof rubber sole, Synthetics/textile top with air mesh, and cold padding feature. Its weight is approximately about 278 grams per shoe.

The Bad

Although the product has many strong positive points, however, due to the wide foot cut, the shoe is only suitable and fits people with normal to wide feet. Those consumers who have thinner feet than usual face problems.


  • Greater cushioning and strength.
  • Comfy fit providing good heel, ankle and knee support
  • Also Offers outstanding traction


  • Only suitable for players with medium to a medium-wide fee.

Butterfly Lezoline Groovy Table Tennis Shoe

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Butterfly Lezoline Groovy, beautiful looking shoes are designed to handle intense footwork and offer superior support. The medium-thick outsole provides excellent grip for quick lateral movements, and the thin midsoles give you a good feeling of the ground. The non-marking soft sole offers decent support to the arc and the rear foot.

The solid non-breathable upper half adds to the durability and stability of the shoe. Weighing just about 265 gm/shoe, the Butterfly Lezoline Groovy is one of the lightest pairs of professional table tennis shoes. While it may weigh less than other shoes in the segment, but the durability and construction of the shoe are top-notch.

The Good

These shoes are for improved movement and better gripping options. The design of the shoes is made up of strong fabric known as a canvas that makes them more shock resilient, and high friction rubber sole offers more traction. This flat shoe is lightweight, allowing it more flexibility, thus ensuring an ideal steadiness to the players’ feet during the game.

The Bad

           Although the product has many strong positive points, yet the product being offered is much wider than the normal shoe size. Being wide, it does not provide a perfect fit for women and, therefore, is specially designed for men only.


  • The lightest shoes among all the shoes we reviewed
  • The thin midsole gives a barefoot feeling
  • Excellent grip suppresses sideways shake
  • Very durable


  • It can be a bit uncomfortable to wear for a long duration due to the missing air mesh.
  • May not be a perfect fit with the foot size.

Jazba Squash Shoes Men

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Jazba Lizardo, Retro Style Trainer, is a Minimalistic Light Rubber Grip Sneaker with Enhanced Traction Non-Skid Sole for those who prefer Classic Style Sneakers. Blended with Modern Fusion Heavy Duty Knitted Textile and Laser Cut DURASKIN lamination Upper. Non-Marking 80 DIN Rubber Sole with EVA cushioning midsole for shock-absorbing cushioning. Lizardo 1X is a top-level shoe at an entry-level by Jazba. Lizardo is best suited as a multi-purpose Indoor court shoe for beginner and intermediate Tennis, Badminton, Squash, Paddle, Platform Tennis, or Paddle players. It is available in 3 color choices White Gold, Navy Lime, and Grey Neon Orange make a stylish court presence and play confidently.

The Good

Easy to wipe clean dust or stains due to nonabrasive coating. Front Padded design for complete fore part protection. The front is kept slightly heavy to give stable balance as compared to the back. The squarish box toe shape gives room to your foot for Lateral Movement. Front within Retro Padded design to protect for fearless play. Stitched Front Toe Wall for Toe Protection. The sidewall support rubber sole made with 80 Dins non-marking natural rubber sole is best for court and walking on a polished floor with non-skid protection. The heavy-duty textile with reinforced back counter gives support without adding bulk, giving the shoe a right balance for jumps and landing impacts.

The Bad

           It is not very durable. It does not provide sufficient grip with respect to the table tennis. It may be good for other sports, but for table tennis, it is not a good option.


  • Easy to wipe clean dust or stains due to nonabrasive coating.
  • More Squarish Box Toe Shape to give room to your foot for Lateral Movement.
  • Non-marking natural rubber sole, ideal for court with non-skid protection.
  • Heavy Duty Textile with reinforced back counter gives support.


  • It has poor support and grip on the ground.
  • Not for someone with wide feet as it may tear


While looking for a table tennis shoe, you need to account for several factors like weight, the shape of the feet, cushioning, budget, etc. And even if you get that right, there is always a personal preference as comfort has a different meaning for everyone. However, based on the reviews available, it is clear that ASICS Men’s Gel-Rocket 8 Shoes are the best table tennis shoes. The shoes are stable and offer awesome control due to the grip surface at the front of the shoe. This lightweight shoe with great cushioning mechanism ideally fit and offers good hold up for player’s side movement. The Gel-Solution Speed 3 Clay is manufactured with the latest technology for enhanced breathability and toe resilience. Players going to play on clay or a grass court need shoes with excellent traction, and the shoe would be a supreme match for those fast players. Torsion resistance of the mid-sole offers perfect support for the body weight and style of the game. They are very comfortable and provide a great grip on the rubber floor. Price is very reasonable compared to other brands. This affordable shoe, with so many perks and durability, is a must-have for anyone serious about table tennis.

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